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sergey_chicago's Journal

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I am Sergey currently living in Chicago area. Born in Lviv (Lvov), Ukraine (then Part of USSR). Ethnic/national background: both Russian and Jewish (it can happen -:))).

University Graduate: Bachelor of Science from Loyola University and about to get Master of Business Administration from Roosevelt University.

Marital Status: currently single, but always looking for a good woman. I need to do much better job in my personal life, so this is my priority goal -:)! You are not a complete person until you are in love (real love--not artificial), so I am not a complete person yet.

Love being an American citizen, but I also care about Russia, Ukraine and former Soviet Union. Want these countries to become a part of civilized world--not necessarily "democracies" (pure democracies do not exist anywhere, in fact). Also love to search for deeper meaning of life and always looking for thoughtful conversations, discussions, etc. about serious subjects, be it philosophy, political science (not petty politics), economics, religion, culture, etc.